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Boon Lay


Boon Lay Zone 01    


Banana Leaf Nasi Lemak
Blk 221B Boonlay Place Food Centre # 01 - 132

Not many Chinese cooks delicious Nasi Lemak. Not to mention in Boonlay. But if you visit this outlet # 01 - 132, you will realise this is where you can dine and return for more. Every time there will be a wide variety of side dishes for you to choose upon. The sambal and the rice complement each other very well. Needless to mention further if you eat with your favourite side dishes. The price here is not scary like some others. It is very reasonable to enjoy such Yummy Good Nasi Lemak.




Steam. Healthy. Steamed Soup
Boonlay Food Centre # 01 - 119

Food Lovers will never miss this outlet. The soup here is prepared with quality herds and ingredients daily fresh in the morning, and brew for hours before serving. You will drink until the last drop! The other top seller here is like their steam food and steam dumpling. It is made daily fresh. No freezer things here !. The friendly owner believes in serving quality for worth what you are paying for Well deserved Award For The Fine Culinary !




Boonlay Fried Carrot Cake & Kway Teow Mee
Boonlay Food Centre # 01 - 125

Come during the meal time and you shall see many customers waiting for their order. Reason? Simple and yet delicious! The patriarch has been in this business for years and he just knew how to fry the noodle. See the photos and you will see the plate of noodle is with plenty of greens and an extra topping of pork floss upon request. You hardly can have this kind of taste elsewhere. Thumbs Up For Sure !




Ho Huat Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee
Blk 221B Boonlay Place.
Boonlay place Food Centre
# 01 -135

One Of The Better Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle in the West. The prawns are very fresh and the other ingredients go along very well with the noodle. The owner just knew the fine art of cooking. Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle lovers will never go to other outlets while in Boonlay. MUST TRY IT TO KNOW THE GOOD IN THE PLATE !




Huay Chi Tian Tian Lai
Blk 221B Boonlay Place.
Boonlay Place Food Centre
# 01 - 156

Hot delicious congee that you love. The out serves authentic traditional congee. The ingredients are fresh and it comes in a few servings. The combo congee is the hot seller here as it comes with all the ingredients. See Photos 0 The owner here also do fried noodles and fried egg oyster and fried rice. Therefore, bring along a friend or family where you can enjoy the Congee and fried dishes. GOOD GOOD !!




Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodle.
Blk 221B Boonlay Place.
Boonlay Food Centre Stall
# 01 - 163

Don't have to travel all the way to taste this delicious noodle. It is all here. Come over to Blk 221B Boonlay Place. Boonlay Food Centre Stall # 01 - 163 to enjoy the delicious taste of Penang Prawn Noodle. Daily fresh and cook. The friendly owner learnt his fine culinary skill from a master and he further fine tune it to make your trip worthwhile. The sauces are also self-concoct to compliment well with the noodle and ingredients. MUST TRY NO MATTER WHAT!




Sin Chew ( Mei Xiang ) Hotplate. String Ray.
Blk 221B Boonlay place.
Boonlay Food Centre Stall
# 01 - 117.

Foodies choice! Fresh seafood daily. The owner has been in this business for years and she just knew what is quality food to be served. The chilli sauce and sambal are self-made and it compliments very with all the seafood. Many customers come for the first time and return for more after their first taste! Well Recommended Outlet! No worries about the price. It is very reasonable!




Haji Haniffa M-Ansari Eating House
Branch: V>P> Kalaiyarasi Indian Food

Blk 221B Boonlay Place.
Boonlay Food Centre Stall
# 01 - 107
Branch: 20 Neythal Road.

You will love till to the last bit of the food. The Prata here is one of the better. The slightly crispy on the outer layer and soft inner part. The curry goes along very with the Prata. The other hot sell in the Prata range will be their mushroom, cheese and the egg Pratas. Tosai? You will love it. The outlet also serves rice with the Vegetable side dish and also meat items. ( Veg and Non-Veg). Visiting them for their food is not a wasted trip for sure! GOOD GOOD LAH!




Vegetarian Food
( Manage By Ang Ghee Keong )

Blk 221B Boonlay Place.
Boonlay Food Centre stall
# 01 - 97

Health Is Wealth! A wide variety of vegetarian dishes awaits you at this outlet. Most of the ingredient are daily fresh either from the near by market or supplied by the regular supplier. The friendly young owner has the fine culinary skill in cooking these dishes. It can be just Bee Hoon or rice items, it is just delicious. Well Recommended for those looking Yummy Vegetarian Food.




Traditional Hakka Kui Char
Blk221B Boon Lay Place
Stall #01-133

'Thunder Tea' to Many....

To some it maybe for health conscious reasons for all vegetables meal. Well it is a meal worth trying for. To cook this dish is not as simple as it seems. How to make it tasty and with a correct blend of tastes to its simple foods, the chef has his finest take on this fine traditional delicious food. You have to taste it to know what is delicately simple.



Ice Garden Dessert
Blk221B Boon Lay Place
Stall #01-133



This outlet has so many range of desserts that one would literally lost in selection on what one really wanting to eat. The signboard show so many types of desserts you can try and all are equally as good! Well for a start, try their best sellers posted here and you will never regret visiting this store, it is just so good!




505 Jurong West Fishball
Blk 505, Jurong West Market And Food Centre,
Stall No. # 01-28

Loooking for a Good Teochew style Noodle?

Yong Boa is an outlet you must not miss. The outlet has been selling these noodles for years and the chilli is so good that most customers ask for more even it is spicy. The fishball here are bouncy and its non fishy taste at all. The noodle is just right, not to hard or soft. The perfect art of boiling it by the freindly owner cum boss himself. Young Boa Fishball Noodle Stall will your next choice after your first try..!
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