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Bt Merah
Alexandra Village
Ayam Penyet Purwakarta
Alexandra Village Food Centre #01 - 37

If you are craving for a good meal of Ayam Penyet, you should not give this outlet a miss. The taste, very traditional and ' Sedap '. The sambal is very good and it goes along very well with the rice and chicken. The Ikan penyet is also a hot seller here. It is daily fresh and least worry about the price. It is very reasonable for this delicious and authentic food. SEDAP!!

Xing Guang Vegetarian
Blk 120 Alexandra Village Food Centre Stall # 01-64

Delicious vegetarian food are hard to come by. Pop over to Xing Guang and you shall be delighted with the wide variety of delicious vegetarian food the outlet can offer you. Its daily fresh and yummy good. Must try.

Cheng Ji Yong Tou Fu
Blk 120 Alexandra Village Food Centre Stall #01-36

Delicious clear soup, lemak gravy with Cheng Ji's Yong Tou fu will makes return for more. The owner get the better fish meat and remix it before applying it ti thetou fu item. He also Go to the stall early in the morning to prepare his soup base laksa gravy. You must try !!

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